Children's Day Center
"EL BUEN SAMARITANO" in Jocotenango/Sacatepéquez

Frightened children, hungry children, children calling for HELP.

CHILDREN'S CHARITY supports the day care center "El Buen Samaritano" (EBS) which ensures that children of all ages receive food, education and medical assistance. There are 80 children and young people between infancy and 16 years of age.They don't have a real family. They don't have a real home.

They need help.

The Day Care Center "El Buen Samaritano" is open to children in need from infancy to 16 years of age, and is located in Jocotenango, just outside Antigua, the former capital of Guatemala. EBS center was founded in 1991 by a Guatemalan couple and until November, 2003 was administered by Mariposa e.V., a German organisation (formerly named: PMG). EBS is now recognized as an charitable Guatemalan organisation and has its own administration.

80 children from extremely poor families or teenage mothers in distress, who live in hovels made of sheet metal, cardboard and rags, are cared for here on working days.

EBS represents a safe haven for them a real oasis. They arrive in the morning, around 7 a.m., for breakfast, and return home around 6.30 p.m. Only school-age children leave the center to go to lessons in state schools (EBS has to pay for the fees, uniforms, and all study materials!). All children are given breakfast, a midday meal and an afternoon snack. Without this support the children would face real hunger!

Children’s Charity also supports EBS by providing medicines and medical care: every week, in fact, our paediatrician arrives directly in the center to visit the children.

EBS is only able to maintain this structure if it receives sufficient donations to support it and in Guatemala, the day care center will never raise enough funds to keep going. That’s the reason why Children’s Charity has decided to continue with its sustain - together with Mariposa e.V. and Stichting Los Niños (a Dutch organisation) - helping to ensure to the kids food, education, medical assistance and all necessities .

We need YOUR help to keep going!



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