"ETHNIC MUSIC WORKSHOP" project for primary and secondary schools
led by Luis Agudo

This is what some teachers say:

"The musical workshop with Luis Agudo, with its wealth of stimuli, represents the first decisive step on a journey of intercultural research. This journey will continue over the course of the school year with further developments in art and music, aiming to increase creative and expressive capacity and simultaneously make pupils aware of the need to know, respect and value other cultures."

Aims of the project
Educate young people to awaken their solidarity and tolerance towards other cultures using knowledge of characteristic music and musical instruments of other countries.

Workshop characteristics
The workshop is presented as a different, innovative and very enjoyable method to introduce young people to other cultures.

Description of the activities
The workshop introduces the youngsters to many ethnic music instruments from Africa and Latin America, which are used to stimulate their interest in the history and customs of the people who build and play them.
Under the expert guidance of the musician the youngsters listen to and learn different rhythms and try to play the instruments themselves,
The course is inserted in the regular school curriculum and requires the teachers' collaboration to develop the knowledge acquired during the workshop in an interactive manner.

Intended audience
Pupils of primary schools and the first three years of secondary education. The workshop is set up for 40 participants.

Time frames
Each workshop lasts 2 hours and takes place during the school year.


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